How to Source and Onboard a Data Analyst

October 25, 2018

David Hubbs - Holiday Inn Club

David Hubbs

Dialer Manager

Lee Mostari - Ember

Lee Mostari

Consulting Director of Managed Analytics

Ohmela Seegolam - Holiday Inn Club

Ohmela Seegolam

Assistant Dialer Manager

2:00 PM  -  2:50 PM
Sea Side/Sea Shore
Roundtable - ExecutiveRound Table

Finding the right skills and setting the right structure are key to succes for your Engagement Analytics program. In this round-table session lead by Orange Lake Resorts and Ember Group, discuss with the group approaches taken to interview, train, and evaluate analyst for your speech program. Also discuss how to set expectations for your prospective analysts.

Session Category :  Program Owner Sessions  Relational Learning - Round Table