Charlie Kautman

Charlie Kautman - Direct Energy
Data Insight Analyst
Data Insight Analyst

Charlie Kautman is a Data Insight Analyst with Direct Energy working on process improvement and root cause analysis.  After 8 years’ experience in contact centers in front line and back office, Charlie has acquired a strong understanding of how agent and customer behavior can impact an outcome—often challenging the popular opinion and providing concrete data to show for it.

Prior to working with CallMiner, Charlie had received internal recognition for his work on call dispositioning through manual peer reviewed call audits resulting in changes to IVR functionality and process changes.  Charlie has 3 years’ experience with CallMiner products, BIA and BIA Plus certified as well as an active participate in the EO community.

Accurate Dispositioning for Revenue Optimization
October 25, 2018
Beach Salons
2:00 PM  -  2:50 PM