Evan Wiley

Evan Wiley - MTM
Manager, Quality and Compliance
Manager, Quality and Compliance

As Manager of Quality and Compliance, Evan provides oversight of MTM’s CallMiner program, Quality Evaluations and Quality Investigations teams. In this role he is responsible for ensuring timely submission of all client required reporting and performance measures as related to the Quality Evaluation and Investigation teams. He ensures timely communication with all stakeholders, providing education to transportation providers and MTM departments concerning compliance deficiencies with MTM or client protocols. Evan oversees the process of reporting all potential fraud, waste, and abuse in accordance to contractual obligations and also oversees the development of fraud, waste, and abuse tracking tools for reporting purposes and compiling investigation results. Evan also ensures all investigations and determinations for member appeals and State Fair Hearing requests are handled in accordance with contractual obligations.

Identifying & Reducing Compliance Risk
October 25, 2018
Sand Salons
2:00 PM  -  2:50 PM