Demo Theater

October 24, 2018

11:15 AM  -  12:05 PM
Demo Theater - Aspect Product Demo

Join Aspect to learn how to you optimize your people and processes with workforce management, quality management, and performance management. The Aspect suite covers it all and is designed to adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to your changing contact center needs. The result? More engaged agents, higher quality customer interactions, and improved customer experience all at a lower operating cost.

1:15 PM  -  2:05 PM
Demo Theater - Five9 Product Demo

Five9 Demo Session Description: Customer expectations are changing at a rapid pace and many contact centers struggle to adapt and keep up. Come explore how Five9 is helping its customers future proof their business with the addition of our new product Five9 Genius.

2:15 PM  -  3:05 PM
Demo Theater - DNC Product Demo

Ken Arakelian of Nuance’s Cognitive Innovations Group will demonstrate the next generation in Enterprise Contact Center automation powered by Nuance’s breakthrough conversation analysis tool. This demonstration will show how the old paradigm of using tribal knowledge and anecdotes to create automated conversations is being disrupted by data driven tools.

3:30 PM  -  4:20 PM
Interaction Fundamentals - Analyst

nGUVU offers a fun and immersive platform that builds intrinsic motivation and improves both Agent’s Performance and Engagement. In this session we will talk about the basic concepts to build intrinsic motivation and present an overview of nGAGEMENT, our employee engagement platform.

October 25, 2018

10:00 AM  -  10:50 AM
Demo Theater - Nuance Product Demo

TCPA has created the perfect storm for costly class actions and settlement shake downs that continue to target companies running text and voice campaigns. Contact Center Compliance is at the forefront of reducing risk for enterprises and has successfully reduced and in some cases eliminated TCPA and related compliance issues such as reassigned phone numbers, consent identity verification, and litigator identification. Spend 50 minutes at LISTEN that could save you millions in potential liability and learn about ways leading companies are reducing TCPA risk and liability.

11:00 AM  -  11:50 AM
Demo Theater - My Eureka

Digital technology and automation powered by AI is increasingly impacting your day-to-day lives; however, should it be the focus of your strategy? Success in your future business strategy is not solely found in tools and technology, but rather in the integration of innovations into your operational cadence.

Explore how Sitel Group, as a platform provider of end-to-end CX solutions, is helping organizations to harness the power of disruptive technology and innovation by cracking the code of operational deployment. Building upon a proven foundation of customer care capabilities and service delivery, Geraud Mazel, VP – Innovation at Sitel Group, will share best practices of bringing together the right team and tools to drive value and results to your organization.

12:00 PM  -  12:50 PM
Demo Theater - Speech Recognition 101

Michael Dwyer, VP of Research at CallMiner and Sr. Research Engineer, Anya Korneyeva, will discuss latest research in leveraging speech and natural conversation processing to provide content coverage, augment category development, and prepare data for predictive modeling.

1:00 PM  -  1:50 PM
Demo Theater - Affectiva Product Demo

The needs and expectations of the consumer are changing rapidly, and companies need to adapt to a generation that expects empowerment, personalization, proactivity, and 24-hour accessibility. Chatbots and other AI-oriented platforms are becoming more intelligent, which opens the possibilities of computer-to-computer communication. Technology offers companies the opportunity to predict and proactively meet the consumer’s needs. Join us in showcasing the latest in TCN’s cloud call center platform offering blended omni-channel communications.

Learn about unique upcoming services that are shaping 2019:

  • Chat Bots
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Google Duplex
  • Sentiment Call Handling
  • Automated Self Cure Options
  • Much more…

TCN can help shape your 2019 goals, while increasing your success rate within your organization.

2:00 PM  -  2:50 PM
Demo Theater - Getting Greatest Value from out-of-the-box content

Learn how CallMiner and Authority combine the power of speech analytics and operational dynamics to create a continuous improvement loop inside your contact center.