Escape Room

Escape Room Challenge 2

It’s 2:00 AM. The only sounds are the waves crashing against the shore. The phone rings at the front desk. The staff sees the room number and knows; it’s happening again. Second floor. End of the hall.

Escape Room - Missing

Guests have reported strange occurrences coming from that secluded corner of the hotel. Items move on their own, lights flicker on and off, whispers come from the shadows, and most recently, scratching can be heard from within the walls.

They say a girl went missing last October, right around the time these occurrences began. After the FBI, H.I.V.E, and the local Sherriff’s office investigated they sealed the room shut. No one has dared looked inside…until now.

Who or what lurks within that haunted room?

Teams of six will have 45 minutes to use your Eureka know-how to solve a series of puzzles, unlock the clues, escape the room and complete your mission.


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